About Us

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Café Castan has been open since March 2012 and has become the hub for many activities, on, and around the park. Our success has come from offering a good variety of homemade dishes to suit a wide audience.

We continue to change and improve our menu to suit our customers. There are seasonal variations on the menu but most dishes are available throughout the year. Our emphasis is on providing quality for an affordable price.

Celebrating our sixth year, we have decided to say no to plastic.

From January 2018 we will only use biodegradable food packaging replacing the traditional one-time use containers. All our hot drinks will be served in Edenware® cups. The material used is a double walled cardboard made from recycled paper lined with a plant-based starch to make it liquid proof. Traditional take away cups are lined with plastic and cannot be recycled. Our cups are compostable from lid to cup.

The wooden cutlery we are currently using will absorb moisture and break down quickly, unlike the plastic ones which take hundreds of years to decompose in landfill.

Our serving plates are 100% biodegradable non-woven fibres made from recycled waste sugar cane fibres (sugar bagasse). The material is strong and grease proof but will decompose organically.

How you can help:

  • You are welcome to bring your own reusable cups or food containers for takeaways.
  • After enjoying our food, dispose the waste into the bins outside of the café so the containers go to the waste management facility to be composed.


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Our team members are all fully committed to engaging with our customers, providing a helpful and friendly service as well as creating an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere.



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We provide plenty of inside and outside seating, with great views of the park.


5 Star Rating

We pride ourselves on a high standard of food hygiene on the premises.